Hi, I’m Winfred and welcome to my blog!

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I like food, photography and  traveling. This winter (2014/2015) me, my wife and our kids are leaving the cold winter in Sweden for the warmer tropics in Southeast Asia, where we will reside for 6 months. I will write about our experiences over here, and upload some photos that I find might be of interest. The main reason for this blog is to let our friends and relatives know what we are up to. The internet availability will sometimes be bad, so I will mostly post in batches. You can also follow my wife’s blog at karinjk.wordpress.com

Thanks for the interest in my blog.


Winfred Kennerknecht


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I’ve been reading some of your earlier postings of your trip to Malaysia and they are wonderful. Being a Malaysian myself I must say you & your family have seen & experienced far more than what I had when I was growing up in the country, in this case Sarawak. I only had the opportunity to re-explore Malaysia when I was in my mid 20s together with my husband some years ago and the whole trip made me feel more like a tourist than a local : – p

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    • Thank you for appreciating my work! I am glad that you, as a Malaysian, like it.
      Ah, yes Sarawak. We did not make it to Sarawak this trip, but we are planning to go there on the next trip. I was there in the 80s, with my parents. We went to Kuching and the nearby places, and Sematan. Only good memories from that trip.
      Haha, my mother always complain about the tropical heat and the somewhat inefficient ways that things get done, when visiting back home in Malaysia. I belive that she has been completely westernised.


      • Ha ha that’s funny and at the same time true. Well with all the air-conditioned mega malls, the locals running around in trendy western attire, carrying hi-tech mobile phones & gadgets and driving fancy imported European cars, it is still unpleasantly hot & humid. And so far things are still done inefficiently. So the scenery might have changed over the years but the way of life is still the same.

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      • Yeah, and true comedy are the ones who wear European winter jackets, just for the sake of being trendy. *facepalm*


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