Gunung Lambak

Mount Lambak is located just next to the town of Kluang, pretty much in the center of the state of Johor, at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. The elevation is about 500m and it is fairly easy to reach the summit, if you are in good physical condition. It is tropical rainforest climate so remember to rehydrate a lot. We always drink 100 Plus when doing physically challenging tasks. It is an isotonic beverage widely found in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and also a beverage that I miss really much being back in Sweden. It is a perfect place to make a daytrip as a family, especially for us who lived some 10km away, in Taman Sri Lambak.

The views of the mountain after the rain is nothing but breathtaking. The fog formations dancing their way to the top, and clouds sweeping over the summit in a very dramatic way, will pretty much leave an impression on anyone viewing this work of mother nature. I spent a couple of hours at the foot of the mountain, trying my best to capture some of these fantastic sceneries, which resulted in the video you can see below.


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