Singapore Zoo

In the beginning of March we went on a day trip to Singapore, to visit the zoo. I am not a super fan of looking at animals behind bars and cages, but it is one of the better zoos I have been to and the kids love it, especially the apes and monkeys.

Flying fox at Singapore zoo

White tigers at Singapore zooRhinoceroses at Singapore zoo

Warthogs at Singapore zoo

A giraffe at Singapore zoo

A female proboscis monkey at Singapore zoo

A ring-tailed lemur at Singapore zoo

A photogenic chimpanzee at Singapore zoo

A male mandill at Singapore zoo

Asian leopard cat at Singapore zoo

Male orangutan at Singapore zoo

Sun bear at Singapore zoo

20 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚
      Yeah, it is a bit easier when they are enclosed.
      I am using a Sony A6000. I used the 55-210mm zoom on most of the zoo pictures. The A6000 is perfect for traveling due to its compact size.

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