Kocik Kitchen

This restaurant was just down the street from us, and when passing it, on the way to some of the attractions of Malacca, I said that we should try it next time we came by it. After a couple of passings, due to us already having had something to eat, the time came when all of the proper conditions were aligned.

Kocik Kitchen is located in one of those old shop lots, with a living area on the upper floor where the shop owner usually resides. The geometrics of these shops are that they are very narrow and really, really deep. The restaurant part was made up of the three outer rooms and the kitchen by the most inner room. I usually want to take some pictures of the chef and kitchen when eating in restaurants, if possible. Sometimes upon asking it is ok to take a picture and sometimes not. Here I was not allowed to access the kitchen part so I have no idea how many rooms the kitchen was made of.

There is a small dessert stall at the entrance where you can get some nyonya cookies and Melaka style cendol. When stepping into the restaurant the first feeling is that you have stepped in to someone’s dining room. The room was decorated in a very homely manner with wall decorations and decorative lamps, which made this restaurant one of the more cosy ones I’ve been to, in terms of ambiance.

Since being a nyonya restaurant most of the dishes were nyonya dishes. I ordered pineapple prawns, which is prawns cooked together with pineapple in a nyonya seasoned broth or sauce. The prawns were fresh from the sea and the pineapple the real kind, not the canned one you would get back in Europe. The sauce was insanely saturated with flavours and different spices. I could have drunken it through a straw the whole day long, if I had come up with a stealthy method to get it in a container and have it hanging around my neck. My wife ordered the nyonya laksa , which was equally good. I could go on with the superlatives a couple of rows more but that would serve no point. You just have to try it yourself.

Pricewise it was really cheap, considering its location and being in a major tourist destination. The more common everyday dishes, like the laksa, were at RM6.80. My pineapple prawns landed at RM25, which it was totally worth.
If you go to Malacca I definitely recommend you to visit this establishment. It may not be as famous as Nancy’s Kitchen or as spectacular as the Geographér Café but it will hold its own ground, serving excellent nyonya food in a homely setting.

Entrance to Kocik Kitchen, Melaka, Malaysia.Kocik kitchen, Melaka, Malaysia.

Kocik kitchen, Malacca, Malaysia

Nyonya Prawns and Pineapple Curry in Kocik kitchen, Melaka, Malaysia.


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