Restaurant 89

I have no idea if it really is named 89, but that was the only kind of writings on the signs that could be interpreted as a name. This restaurant is located off Jonker Street, in an alley leading to Tokong Street. In this T-intersection, at Tokong Street, there are a lot of restaurants setting up shop during the evening. The street gets cluttered with makeshift dining areas and there is a haze over the area from all the woks and kitchens working overtime, especially during the weekly night markets at Jonker Street, which attract a fair amount of people. Here you can find fried oyster omelette, sate celup, seafood and an assortment of noodle dishes, fried or in soup form.

So there I am, sitting on a bright red plastic chair, placed in the middle of the street, in a very crowded part of the alley, in other ways, the perfect setting for a street foodie. I ordered the nyonya laksa, since I believe that one should try the laksa from each of the different states of Malaysia, and I had still not tried the Melaka nyonya version. And it is, by some people, looked upon as the national dish of Malaysia. The laksa I ordered was excellent. The sweetness and creaminess from the coconut milk was very tangible. It was perfectly spicy, but could have been more so for my liking. I also ordered freshly pressed sugarcane juice, which to me was a perfect beverage to accompany the laksa. There is a flavour quality in sugarcane juice that reminds me of drinking warm milk. The juice is served cold, with ice, so I don’t understand why I get these associations, but I still get them and am probably the only one in the world getting them.

Restaurant 89 in Melaka, Malaysia.Nyonya laksa vendor in Melaka, Malaysia.Nyonya laksa with sugarcane juice to drink.

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