Animals of Langkawi

As I have mentioned before, the wild life in Malaysia is nothing but amazing. The island of Langkawi is not an exception, so there has been a lot of interesting sightings. Some of them happened just outside our hotel. We stayed at the Cactus Inn, which is located a stone throw away from the jungle. Quite so often a group of dusky leaf monkeys made their way to a couple of trees located just by the hotel. Sometimes they came very early in the morning, taking a shortcut over the hotel roof top, waking up most of the guests. Sometimes they came during the day, with a less energetic manner, due to the heat. The trees had some fig like fruits that probably tasted excellent to these primates, just as the leaf’s also must have done because the trees were missing a lot of its leafs.Dusky leaf monkey in Langkawi, Malaysia.Mother dusky leaf monkey with infant, Langkawi, Malaysia.Silhouette of a dusky leaf monkey, Langkawi, Malaysia.

Unlike the macaques these primates does not like to spend much time on the ground, so they usually travel by jumping from tree to tree, which made them look like some sort of primate superman. They are also very shy and do not like the presence of humans. If you try to get close to them they will just jump to another tree. Their young ones have a really nice orange fur. I wonder why? Maybe it is like the orange jumpsuits that astronauts and test pilots wear, to make them more visible when being in need of rescue.Dusky leaf monkey of Langkawi, Malaysia, jumping from tree to tree.Dusky leaf monkey of Langkawi, Malaysia, jumping from tree to tree.

We also spotted the Malayan colugo, which did its best to imitate a broke tree stump. It would have been of great interest to have seen it glide through the air, but now it was pretty much into its role as said tree stump.

A malayan colugo holding on to a palm tree in Langkawi, Malaysia.

There is also a lot of live stock running around the island just as they please. The water buffalo usually hang in the rice paddies, together with the egrets.An egret sitting on top of a Water buffalo. Langkawi, Malaysia.

Then there are the cows, that somehow like to cross the roads in the most inappropriate ways.A cow crossing a street in Langkawi, Malaysia.

And then we have the staring goats.A goat in Bukit Malut Fishing Village, Langkawi, Malaysia.

I also had the luck to see the monocled cobra. I went to one of the large wave breakers, built to protect the airfield, to take some sunset pictures. When on the northern wave breaker, I wanted to take a low perspective picture, requiring me to get near the water. I diverted from the paved road and headed for the shoreline. When reaching the water I heard some noise from the leaves and bushes two meters behind me. It was a large monocled cobra. It was obviously on its way to somewhere, because it acted really determined, as it crossed my path. It stopped for a brief moment, probably to assess if I was a threat or not, then continued, made a turn and followed the path I came from. I could estimate it to be around two meters, by looking at where the head and tail were located in the photos and compare to the surroundings, which is a rare but recorded size for this snake. I did not think about it at the moment, but when I had taken my photographs and was ready to leave, I realised that the path I came from was pretty much the only route back, if I did not want to swim out of there, with all my camera gear. Since knowing that the cobra took just that way, and not knowing where it stopped or diverted, I can say that I have never walked five meters in such a slow pace, and with so much attention to my surroundings.A monocled cobra in Langkawi, Malaysia.

A dragonfly.A Dragonfly in Langkawi, Malaysia.

I also saw the gigantic nest of the lesser banded hornet. It was built on the side of a cliff. The nest had a really organic look. It sort of had the visual style resembling the works of H.R Giger.Gigantic nest of the lesser banded hornet in Langkawi, Malaysia.

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