Tomato Nasi Kandar

Last time we were on Langkawi we really enjoyed the Tomato restaurant. It is a classical nasi kandar restaurant. Nasi kandar has its origin in Penang. The name comes from how it was served, from two containers. These two containers where then carried from the shoulder with a long pole, called kandar. Nasi just means rice. It is a dish made of steamed rice served with some curry variant, and usually some form of side dish.

Today’s nasi kandar restaurants offer more dishes than its predecessor. In the self serving area you have all kinds of curry dishes. Fish, mutton, beef, prawns, tofu and chicken are some of the usual variants of curry you will see. Then we have the tandoori and nan section, where everything is focused on that big and hot clay oven. Some places even have banana leaf rice, which is a dish that I will return to in a coming post.

When passing through the main street off Cenang beach we saw that Tomato was under renovation, and had relocated some kilometres away during this period. From being right in the middle, and just a short walk from most of the hotels at the Cenang beach, its location was now a great disadvantage to be a real crowd puller, as it was before.

One evening we headed over to their new location. It is located in the same building that they have their hotel, Hotel Tomato. It was all very nice and clean, and as usual with Indian restaurants here, roomy and spacious. Everything looked ok except for the lack of people. There were some people there but just not the crowd one are used to see at Tomato. We had our suspicions that it might not be as good as it once was, and we were pretty much right in that matter. It was now just mediocre. I ordered garlic nan with chicken tikka. It was OK, but that’s just about it. I really hope that they can get back to their old location in a reasonable time frame.

Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato, Langkawi, Malaysia.Tomato Nasi Kandar, Langkawi, Malaysia.Chef preparing garlic naan at restaurant Tomato Nasi Kandar, Langkawi, Malaysia.Chicken tikka with garlic naan at Tomato Nasi Kandar, Langkawi, Malaysia.Chef Preparing Roti Canai in Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato, Langkawi, Malaysia.Tandoori chicken skewers at Tomato Nasi Kandar, Langkawi, Malaysia.

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