Yu Ki Noodle House

A couple of days ago we decided to eat some Chinese food. I had read on some blog about Yu Ki Noodle House. Since it is located in Kluang, and we reside some 13 km away, it was pretty given that we would end up here someday. This day was it, and we headed in to Kluang. The restaurant is located near the river, almost opposite the bus station. It is fairly easy to find and there is plenty of parking space, since the road that runs along the river is pretty wide. Though I am not sure about it, but the extra space might not be a parking lane at all. The locals sure use it as a parking lane.

The restaurant is well kept and there is always lots of people eating here, which in my world is a good sign, along with the plastic chairs. And to further establish the restaurant excellence, there are some framed paper clips and framed photos, with the chef together with some famous chef or food enthusiast. I went for the dry wan tan noodle. The noodles are excellent and are richly doused in a fair amount of sauce and condiments. The char siew is really tender and sweet and the dumplings just right. This is a good restaurant with people doing the right things in the right place, and with the skill in their trade having the intention of making quality food.

Yu Ki noodle house, Kluang, Malaysia.Master chef at Yu Ki Noodle House, Kluang Malaysia.Dining area at Yu Ki noodle house, kluang, Malaysia.A plate of Wanton Noodles served at Yu Ki Noodle House, Kluang, Malaysia.People enjoying a meal at Yu Ki noodle house, Kluang, Malaysia.

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