Nature is Everywhere

The wildlife in Malaysia is nothing but exceptional. Since being located in the tropics there is a great diversity of plants, animals and interesting surroundings. You really don’t have to search, nature will find you, whether it’s in your own backyard, agricultural land or in the depth of the jungle. The encounters are so frequent and most of the time I just don’t happen to have the camera at hand. The encounters in your own yard are the easy ones, like the ones below, that keep us company during breakfast.Yellow-vented Bulbul in Malaysia.Pied Hornbill In Johor, Malaysia.Black-naped oriole (Oriolus chinensis) in Johor, Malaysia.Oriental garden lizard also known as Garden Fence Lizard (Calotes versicolor)

Just as easy are the roadside show, with monkeys, lizards and snakes. We had an encounter with an equatorial spitting cobra. I passed the photo opportunity and stayed in the car. We were still super exited and just watched this black, magnificent, creature in a state of awe.

Long-tailed Macaque also known as Crab-eating macaque (Macaca fascicularis) in Johor, Malaysia.

A farmer in company of egrets.A farmer in Malaysia driving a tractor in a rice paddy, in company of egrets.Intermediate egret in a rice paddy.

And if you decide to venture in to some thicker foliage, you will be accompanied by all sorts of living creatures. Most of them you will never see, but you will hear them. The noise level in the jungle is incredible high. We went out on a daytrip to the foot of Gunung Belumut, where there is a water stream that has its origin at the top of the mountain. Not so many big animals here, mostly insects, but there were some spots on the ground that showed activity from some kind of wild boar. I guess that all the big animals get a heads up from all the noise we people make, when trying to get through the jungle.

Gunung Belumut.Gunung Belumut, Johor, Malaysia.A water stream running down Mount Belumut, Johor, Malaysia.Termites walking in a row at Gunung Belumut, Johor, Malaysia.Millipede climbing a tree at Mount Belumut, Johor, Malaysia.

Nature here is also very fast at reclaiming its rightful goods. Like this angry fellow that I found at Zenxin Organic Farm.derelict tractor

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