Yet another Tell-Tale Sign

When travelling around by car in Malaysia you will, at some point, encounter a random traffic jam. As a foreigner you will at first think that there has been an accident. In some unfortunate cases it will be, but when not, it is most likely caused by a roadside food, drink or fruit stall. This is really common throughout Malaysia, which is perfect for a street foodie. But sometimes, at certain places, the traffic congestion just gets ridiculous. We are talking about situations when double parking becomes standard and quadruple seems not so ok. And sometimes, when the food stalls go totally rogue, it might even make the news.

This particular evening we were on a random food hunt, with no plan whatsoever where to eat. We were driving around in a small town, near the Desaru beach side hotel we stayed at, when suddenly there were a lot of lorries and other heavy vehicles, standing still in the middle of the road, with hazard lights flashing and the engines still running. This stretch of road was straight, so I wondered what might have gone wrong to cause an accident right on this, traffic wise, forgiving spot. Then we saw, further off the road, some lights in a garden that was filled with plastic chairs. There was an outdoor kitchen, operated by two chefs, and a couple of waiters running back and forth, giving orders to the chefs, while handing out freshly woked meals to the patrons. This was it. This was where we were going to eat. The guys behind the woks were not just working here while they were waiting for their big break in showbiz. These guys knew exactly what they were doing, and by the quality of our meal, I can assure you that they did it with pride!

Parked lorriesTypical Malaysian restaurantMalaysian chef woking

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